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School Manager

CLASS moduler-

SUBJECT- In which define all subjects as subject group subjects name and type of subject (academic/others).

CLASS GROUPING- In which all classes define with group as subject and no. of period each subject in each class.

FEE HEAD- in which all fee type is defines as transportation, school, computer class etc with special fee mode as monthly/yearly.

CALENDAR- In which yearly programmed is mention with respect to teacher/classes as all events, functions and their time.

moduler- In which we update the classes programmed before ending of session.


DEPARTMENT- In which all subject teachers are divide group wise and others administrative team also define with a unique I.D.

DESIGNATION- In which management team and their others employee allotted with a unique I.D.

faculty DETAILS- In which all employee details are recorded as their family background, contact address (permanent and temporary),qualification and their work in this school.


PROSPECTUS- In which database information's record about issue date of prospectus with respect of no. /session with student i.d.

REGISTRATION- In this form collect the information of student as

(D.O.B., mother tongue, address, in last about previous qualification).Next part of form is for relevant information of student as father/mother occupation, their address etc.

LEAVE- In this form collect the information of student that want leave and with the reason column.

SEARCH- in this form we search the record of student.

REPORT- In this form we print the report of student's registration status and leaving status both.


ATTENDANCE- In this mention student attendance with assign grade.

EXAM ACHEDULE- I n this form or database mention examinations schedule in proper way as

Subject, that exam day, out of marks, status, exam time with respect to each class and section.

MARKS- first login student with his I.D. then see their marks.

PERFORMANCE- I performance form student can see his performance in every session wise and every exam.

EXAM REPORT - In this report enters the details of student then he can see report of his exam or mark list.

EXAM TIME TABLE- for this student gets the time table of his exam in proper way with print report.


FEE STRUCTURE- In this form student gets the fee structure with installment wise/yearly/monthly. With get the concession mode.

FEE COLLECTION- In this database store the fee collection of each student with extra feature as installment, due fee, with payment mode by cash/cheque or draft.

OTHER FEE- In this mention other fee structure that student deposit as transportation fee, insurance fee etc.

OUTSIDER FEE- In outsider fee as sports/evening classes etc with each student I.D.

PENDING FEE- It is report of pending fee that can print.


PERIODS- In this form student can see his classes time table with day by day and session wise also.

STAFF ALLOTMENT- It is for teacher that can get his time table with respect to subject and day by day.

TIME TABLE GENERATOR- In this form teacher can see his proper weekly time table with day and time of periods.

SUBSTITUTION- It is for staff that on absence of any teacher that substituted other teacher.

REPORT- It is for teacher that can get printed report of his time table and other allotments.


COLONY- In this mention the fee of transportation with respect to colony wise.

BUS INFORMATION- It is a database that has record of every bus its route, capacity, bus number. In second part driver/conductor information

Record in database. In third part mention driver allotment time table with respect to bus number route. In last part bus information with respect to colony wise (bus number/stoppage timing).

BUS ALLOTMENT- It for management and student that it has information of transportation to their colony.

TRANSPORTAION FEE- It is databasing that record student bus fee with respect to colony.

REPORT- In report management can get print report of information of driver, conductor, bus, and route.


BOOK MANAGEMENT- All information of books as book I.D.,ISBN number,page,price edition,publisher,bill date, date of purchase, and title etc are store in database.

CIRCULATION- In this form all information of book circulation are store as member I.D.,library card number, name of member, ISBN number,Title,issue date, and due date.

MEMBER SHIP- In member ship all member I.D. wise record store their library card number, address, status, maximum book issue number, expire date of library card. Member ship is dividing in group as faculty/student/others.

MASTER- It is fine master. That is collect information of issue and duration that's use for fine.


PURCHACE ORDER- In this database stores the record of vendor. Order detail, order date, item cost order number etc.

ITEM DETAILS- Item details form also divide into two parts first for vendor details. In first part date of order vendor information, firm name, address, E-Mail, and description about vendor. In second part of this is for order details. In order details form date of order, order number, item number, vendor name, description about item, quantity of item.

STATUS- In status form is use for all inventory information.

REPORTS- In report can get print slip of vendor information, order details, purchase order.


LOGIN- It is login form for user login successfully and collects information about different topics.

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