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Unizone 5.0

Unizone 5.0

Advantages in Using Unizone UE 5.0:

Increase your Admission Rate
Time Management
Eases Your work Load
More Accuracy
Save Your Money and Man Power
Improves the look of your Institution
Your helping partner to be number one in the competitive world
Your Financial Manager
More Practical approach

Its Proved, Proof is hereÖ

How Unizone helps to improve your admission rate (AR)?

Admission Rate (AR) for a school is usually drastically influenced by four important factors:-

  1. Previous Academic Performance (PAP)
  2. Personal care towards each student (PC)
  3. The data provided by the institution regarding the performance of student regularly.
  4. Proper Analytical Reporting Service (PARS)

To improve your PAP good faculty and study environment are the key factors. A good management cared these two factors. Along with these two you need a clear analytical picture of each and every student in regular intervals; this helps you to take the necessary precautions for the improvement of studentís performance. Without this you cannot improve your PAP. Now Unizone system supports you to study the studentís performance in an analytical way using graphs, percentages, subject wise rankings etc. there by helping you to improve the PAP. Regarding Personal care (PC), you can easily monitor the studentís data when you computerize it. This is very much possible by Unizone system. Each and every parent also looks for much information you are maintaining about his child. He expects you to provide that data when he personally attends the institution to know about his child. When you furnish all the required details, he will be impressed. This helps for the continuation of the student in the same institution. This is also very important to maintain the strength of your school.

Reporting is a very important phenomenon where you can directly communicate with parents and it has been evident that most of the corporate institutions were successful because of accurate reporting which keeps the impression of care towards the child for their parents.

How can you manage your time with Unizone?

Time management is an important factor. Here we got one example, if you would like to open an account in a bank; you will prefer a computerized bank because of its fast and reliable services. Since schools also come under service sector they also need to be faster and reliable. With help of Unizone you retrieve the data in no time and you can maintain them in a systematic way. This is how you can save your invaluable time.

How your workload eases with help of Unizone?

You can reduce your workload with help Unizone application system. All the records which are necessary for the administration of educational Institution can be printed with help of the data you supply to the application system; this data can be used number of times in future till the student continues his studies in the same institution. You can prepare the bills, study certificates, Transfer Certificates instantly simply by giving the admission or roll number.

How I can maintain Accuracy with help of this application software?

All the calculations you perform through this application system will be calculated automatically with great accuracy and a cumulative result will be displayed automatically according to your requirement. Even Fees dues, which are maintained very perfectly without any difference. So you can get very accurate results than manual record maintenance.

How can I save money and manpower by using this system?

Money flow should be regulated very carefully and this can be well managed by using this system. For example to keep your record work you are using around 3-4 people paying some

Thousands of monthly salary. When Unizone is taking care of all your record work you can divert your human resources in some other way, like monitoring the school management etc. So you can save money as well as man power using this system

How will look of my institution be improved using this system?

Look is an important issue, which is a good consideration point, which comes into action while judging about your institution. You need to give some professional look for the parents on your institution, to be first in the race of admissions. The professional reporting, bill printing, TC Printing will give a professional look than a manual reporting. This gives a corporate look for your institution.

How is this software useful to stand in the competitive world?

A successful institution takes proper steps from the initial day. A proper planning and application of the plans in a right way is very important. Here we maintain all the data in a very systematic way so that you can utilize them to impress the parents. Only to stay alive in the competition utmost care should be taken in every step, which is possible with application system.

What is the financial advantage you gain with this application software?

For a good business mind a clear analytical picture of his financial position. To calculate financial status you need to have an idea of incomes and expenditures of your institution. So that when you get an idea of this you can take necessary steps to increase the income and regulate the expenditures.

How is the reporting service in this application software practically useful?

Unizone system provides an efficient reporting service; these reports are made with more practicality. So that you can directly imply this software. Every report is generated according to the format that is used by the educational institutions only.

So why hesitation, Unizone is a companion for the educational institutions, itís a complete solutionÖ

Unizone ue 5.0 featured with

(In Brief)

Student Fees Maintenance: Maintain a total fees record of student fees section. Trace the missing or problematic bill number and print the bill at any time you need by giving the bill number.

Multiple Fees management system: You can opt for monthly, term or yearly fees depending on the schema you follow in your institution. For monthly and term wise fees scheme the fees dues will be automatically updated using the system date, the due will be automatically added to the due account of the student.

Student Marks: Simply and directly enter the marks of the students for the examination you specified at the time of installation, Unizone automatically calculates the studentís percentage in the specified subject in the specified examination. Using this you can print all the required reports.

Student Monthly Attendance: Monthly Attendance can be maintained and all monthly attendances will be finalized and percentage calculation will be automatically done by the system and you can categorize the students depending on the percentage of attendance.

Student Analysis: Student Analysis is a very important feature, in the modern educational trends. A studentís marks and attendance will be automatically plotted on a graph so that you can understand his performance. This feature helps a lot for taking measures that are required for the studentís improvement.

Auto Promotion System: This system automatically promotes the students depending on the percentage of the total yearís attendance; they will be categorized as promoted, fined and detained students. You can also promote them, manually to the next class. Hence the data once entered is used till the student leaves the institution.

Staff Monthly Attendance: Staff like faculty, Non-faculty and administratorís monthly attendance can be maintained so that you can check the attendance before paying the salary.

Staff Salary payments: The salary payment can be done by this system and you can maintain the reason for the deduction of the salary of faculty and non-faculty also.


Cash Book: Cash Book will be automatically maintained when you make all transactions using Unizone. For example if fees payments will be automatically debited in the cash account.

Balance Sheet: Using the total annual maintenance you can create a final Balance Sheet.

Trial Balance: Even you can get the trail balance also.

Profit and Loss Account: The profit and Loss account will be maintained automatically by using the transaction that you perform through the application system.

Time Table Designer: Design your timetable in a easy more flexible way using the time table designer in the Unizone system. Automatically system alerts the if a faculty is engaged to specific course ID. So that you can avoid the repetition of the faculty in that particular time and you can design your time table comfortable.

Lab Maintenance: the lab module in the Unizone can do the maintenance of the laboratories both quantitative and instrumented. You can add any number of laboratories in the same department. For quantitative laboratories like chemistry labs the quantities of the chemicals will be maintained and the less quantity of particular chemical will be alerted so that you can make a list of the required chemicals. Also you can maintain the list of breakages and the fines collected.

Transport Section: You can have a list of students traveling by a specific bus and know the transport fees dues for single bus or all buses. You can also maintain the transportation expenditure of your buses. You can also maintain individual different fees structure for different destinations.

Talent: You can maintain the list of students with specific talent and you find the list of the students with the specific talent. This helps to identify a student with specific talent to encourage him in his talented area.

Searching: Search with in your data with different criteria. You can search the student details as well as employee details. This feature helps find the data with your requirement at that specific time.

Library Management System: Helps to administrate the library perfectly and efficiently. List of available books will be displayed below and you can find the book with the Book ID. Fine can also imposed for the delay submission and search for your book and no its status whether its available.

High Level Flexibility: You can keep changing the system according to your changing requirements regularly and you can keep adding the courses, exams, subjects regularly

Security: Unizone provides excellent security features, Different types of user accounts are provided with different accessing permissions. Database is password protected and restricting the users to access the database keeps privacy of your data. Access to the data is limited and restricted and depends on the type of the User status.

Backup Tools: Backup options are provided to save your data due to external conditions such as system failures; you can burn the data in a compact disc in regular Intervals. Even you can export some important data to MS Excel for effective printing of Admission Register.

Network Support: Itís excellent Network supportive. In Multi User Edition Subscription, you can computerize your institution and access the data from anywhere in institution. With one multi user edition you can computerize the total administration of your institution. Super Administrator can monitor the network in the institution.


Students Monthly Attendance: Prints the student monthly attendances report.

Students Daily Attendance: You can plot the student attendance regularly and can print the absented list of the student

Daily Absentees List: Print the list of the students absent for a particular date, you can choose the list students between selected dates.

Fees Due Report: Instantly prints the student fees dues. In this we got two types of reports, detailed fees dues with roll numbers and total fees due with student name. You can opt for any kind of print.

Marks report: Print the overall studentís marks for single subject for single exam or for single subject through out the year or for all subjects in one total test.

Progress Card: Print the progress card along with the address of the student and marks for the selected examinations and the address of the student so that you can directly fold the paper and staple it and post it with the address facing the upside.

Fees Bills: Print the bill for that transaction along with the duplicate or without duplicate.

TC Printing: Just give the Admission Number of the student and prepare his Transfer Certificate immediately.

Study Certificate: Give the admission number or roll number and course Id and print the study certificate of the student immediately.

Study & Conduct Certificate: Give the admission number or roll number and course Id and print the study and conduct certificate of the student immediately. Usually this certificate issued to the student when he is being relieved from the institution.

Library Books: Print the total list of available books or issued books. You can also get a report of books issued to students and books issued to faculty.

Missing Books Report: We can trace the missing books and generate the list of books, which are not in our account.

Time Table: Print the time table schedule for students or for a single faculty separately.

Fees Structure: Print the Fees structure of a single course ID.

Daily Fees Report: Print the collection of fees from the studentís daily or between two dates.

Admission Register: As Admission Register is the heart for the administration of all educational Institutions, Unizone provides an opportunity to export your data to MS Excel and print the admission register directly. This will be helpful for producing hot copies to your respective affiliated higher authorities.

Attendance Register: If you wish to maintain daily attendance in UNIZONE you can print the graph of that class between specified dates. This an exporting option to excel.

Salary Payment Report: You can print the report of faculty salary payments regularly or between two dates.

Search Reports: When you search with in your data you directly print that report of any kind.

Scholarship Report: Maintain the list of the students awarded with scholarships and you can maintain the data how the student has been awarded the scholarship like mode and date of payments.

Concession Report: We can print the concessions allotted to the student, and you can specify the concessions allotted to students and the reason for allotting the concession.

Fines Report: Maintain the fines imposed to the students for some other reasons and you may be able to find out the fines for Individual student or for a class in whole.

TCís Issued on a date: Find out Number of Transfer Certificates Issued on a date or between two dates.

Study certificates Issued: Find out Number of Study Certificates Issued on a date or between two dates.

Institution Strength: Find the total Number of students in the students with number of male and female in a class.

Exams Conducted List: Find the list of examination conducted in the Institution.

Salary Reports: Print the salaries report of Administrators, Faculty and Non-Faculty.

Help: Help is provided with the software itself. So that you can solve your problems immediately by going through the help once and it is explained in step by step in easy language.

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